Meet Our Teachers

For 15 years, Jeanette has used her passion for making Pilates accessible to everyone to help her clients achieve their personal goals. 

Jeanette began Pilates at Riverside Community College in 2005. Upon experiencing significant improvements in alignment, strength and well-being attributed to Pilates, she made it her mission to teach true and effective Pilates, accessible to everyone, regardless of physical ability. Completing Pilates Certification at Long Beach Dance Conditioning in 2007 gave her the tools she needed to train folks who need modifications of the original exercises due to surgery or limited mobility.

Driven by her client’s specific needs, she has obtained certification to teach pre- and post-natal mothers, clients with neurological disorders, and members of the aging population. She has completed courses in:

  • therapeutic stretching in Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)
  • Myofascial Release techniques
  • Pilates adaptations from the Postural Restoration Institute.
  • training with several prominent Classical Pilates teachers trained by Joseph Pilates protégé Romana

Jeanette’s latest project is developing a Pilates program for equestrians (Pilates for Riders), with Licensed Physical Therapist and equestrian Stephanie Seheult.

 Jeanette has been a student of Divine Yoga since 2018 and is working towards Iyengar Yoga teacher assessment. She is currently assisting classes weekly at Divine Yoga and looks forward to offering Yoga classes in 2022.

When she is not at the studio instructing Pilates, she is inspired by nature through gardening, hiking, paddling, and volunteering at nature preserves.  An Herbalist since 2010, Jeanette loves to share her enthusiasm for plants, guiding plant identification walks and teaching basic traditional herbal medicine techniques for people to practice at home.  She is passionate about bringing people in touch with their innate physical abilities, helping them experience their senses fully in exercise and through being in nature. Inspired by her friends, family and clients, she hopes that through her passions she can improve the lives of others.