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You won’t find a better pilates instructor anywhere! She is an excellent instructor always being aware of each student’s strengths and limitations.  She has an excellent knowledge of the human body and how to instruct you to perform the exercise to get the greatest benefit. Jeanette loves the outdoors so much that she organized a weeklong trip to Northern California for a group of us that I will always remember.  We all had such a good time!  She is so friendly and personable to all that when you are taking her class you want to do your best!

Julie T.

Positively pilates group mat class

I am over 70, and have exercised consistently for many years, not always wisely. I arrived to start Pilates in my mid fifties with many leftover pains and limitations from sports injuries. Jeanette’s expertise helped to heal and actually reverse these issues. I need never be concerned any more about injury while going through her carefully directed movements. My body is an improved version now, unbelievably so. Her expert, patient and easy manner makes sessions all the more enjoyable. They go by quickly and my body is so much better for them afterward. I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone thinking of starting or looking for a well qualified Pilates instructor.

Linda M.

I’ve been attending Pilates with Jeanette for almost 4 years now. Initially I started doing Pilates with her to get in shape for a special event quickly! In a short amount of time, she was able to transform my body. It wasn’t just me that noticed. It was everyone. From that time on, I’ve been ADDICTED to Pilates. Going to Jeanette has been the best thing I’ve done for myself!

Geralyn R.
Positively Pilates testimonials

Jeanette has been my Pilates teacher for the past eight years. My daughter began to have hip issues at 13 and had to stop dancing for a period of time. Her physical therapist recommended that she participate in Pilates classes to strengthen the muscles that support her hip joints. Jeanette began giving both of us mat classes then later semi-private lessons using the equipment. When I started taking Pilates I had no flexibility and I was very uncoordinated. Jeanette was extremely caring and patient and one session at a time I began to get stronger, more flexible and frankly became addicted to Pilates. I eventually worked up to taking three classes per week and was so inspired by how much Pilates and Jeanette changed my body and frankly my life that I decided to become certified through the Dance Department at Riverside City College. I am now a teacher who inspires my students everyday just like Jeanette did with me to live happier and healthier lives. I have taken classes from dozens of teachers and Jeanette is by far the best.

Traci E.

I appreciate your caring and concern about our physical challenges.  You are amazing at mixing it up so we are never bored. You are efficient and professional. Thank you for being there for us. You have helped to keep us stay strong and flexible.

Carol B.

Taking Jeanette’s classes has improved my core and back strength so much. Since I started taking classes my back issues have completely resolved. My multiple herniated discs cause me no pain or discomfort at all…which seems miraculous.

Amie M.

Jeanette is an excellent instructor who intuitively knows how far to “push” her clients based on their capabilities, health concerns, age etc., while still making sessions suitably demanding. She is personable but maintains an appropriate professional demeanor. Jeanette listens to her clients’ individual needs and limitations and sets a course of physical training accordingly. During group classes, she is still able to customize movements to people according to their needs, rather than merely issuing cookie-cutter commands to all. This requires both visual attentiveness and memory of each of her client’s own limitations of movement as the group follows her directions. You know it’s a good day when you are greeted with Jeanette asking “How’s your body?” upon entering the studio each session!

Bill O.