What is the Pilates Method?

Pilates method

Pilates is a method of exercises curated by Joseph Pilates, who was a boxer, martial artist and fitness enthusiast. It is widely agreed that Joe Pilates was a half century ahead of his peers in the type of exercise we now call core conditioning and what is taught in modern physical therapy.  Pilates requires the body to stretch while strengthening, utilizing one’s own body weight on the mat, or steel springs to assist or resist against on the apparatus.  There are over 500 exercises between the mat and apparatus work.  The goal is to master the concepts taught in Pilates and perform the exercises well, even if it is only 1 rep done correctly. The body awareness and precision required to do the exercises will, with practice, become routine in how your body moves during other activities outside of your Pilates practice.

What is Classical Pilates?

The beauty of Pilates is the amount of variation built into the system of exercises. Transitioning from Spinal flexion, extension to rotation and side flexion was part of the original or classic method as Joe Pilates taught it, and what he described as “Contrology.” With the rise in popularity of yoga, TRX, various aerobic exercises and Cross-fit, and changes in equipment by new manufacturers, there has been a tendency for Pilates classes to be fused with these other popular types of exercise.  Positively Pilates holds true to the original order, rhythm, precision and flow as Joseph Pilates intended it to be practiced, and is proven to work for over the past 80 years.